Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anwar, ever the politician

The dude is a shrewd politician. According to TheStar, he plans to run for his party presidency this September even though he is disqualified by their own party constitution. I find that extremely reprehensive. He is forsaking his own party's constitution just to achieve his own goals. The fact that he had obtained 120 nominations out of about 140, is totally moot if the party is willing to discard it's own constitution, just this once. Well, what can I say except that PKR has always only been interested in Anwar's own well-being.

The article goes further to say that he had asked a few other people, who were close to him, to not run for other posts in order for things to look better. I guess that he didn't want people accusing him for trying to turn the party into his own little family and friends gathering. Some of them were nonchalant about it, while others were plenty furious, but withdrew from nominations anyway. The people affected include his own daughter and good friends. Politics, no such thing as friends and family!

Although the article points out that he had applied for an exemption to the ROS to contest for his party presidency, it's been pointed out here that the party constitution is stricter than the law on this matter. Where the Societies Act bars a convicted person from holding any posts, the PKR constitution doesn't even allow such a person to be nominated, much less hold a post. They have even reverted to name calling, with Anwar calling the people who were trying to stop him as "desperados of UMNO and BN". Goodness knows what the other side has resorted to calling him.

The current tactic is to stall the party elections in order to postpone it to April, whereby Anwar would legally be allowed to hold party posts and can contest freely. This is such a blatant misappropriation of the system. There are so many other ways to do it without resorting to such blunt methods. Through this internal debacle, the party has certainly lost some of it's credibility. Where they had garnered some support in the recent by-elections, I'm sure that some people witnessing this now, would just see the party for what it is.

PKR isn't interested in a better Malaysia, it's only interested in a better Anwar.


Anonymous said...

politics... who ever said it was clean?

it is the imperialist west who has introduced western politics into our once peaceful homeland! remove politics! restore the monarchy! after all, was it not the mandate of heaven to the monarch to rule? down with the imperialism!

Shawn Tan said...

you funny man!