Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anwar, the impatient politician

As a continuation of my blog, here, yesterday, Anwar is just showing his impatience again. I'd hoped that a stint in prison would've at least given him a new perspective and new ideas on tactics. Didn't seem to work though.

A friend told me that I'm one of the few people who would lose faith with PKR due to this debacle. A lot of Malaysians want change and they see Anwar as a possibility for change in Malaysia. To me, this whole fiasco just goes to illustrate that there isn't going to be any change with Anwar. Anwar Ibrahim thinks and acts in the interest of Anwar Ibrahim and no one else. I cannot possibly respect anyone who is willing to side-step their own party constitution for their own personal gain. They are no different from the ruling government who side-steps our country's constitution for political gain. No different.
PKR has always been about Anwar. Everyone knows that he has always been pulling the strings from behind the scenes. He is already the man behind the power of PKR. Now, he wants to stand in front. Kudos. He's willing to disrespect the laws of the country and ignore the constitution of the party in order to get there. Since he is already ignoring the party constitution, he should just go one step further and completely ignore the need for an election and just appoint himself as the party president and appoint all his friends and family to hold the major party posts.
There are so many other ways to do this, that would have been less confrontational and achieve the same result. They could have ammended the party constitution through an EGM. He could have got someone to run as interim president and stand down next year to call for another election. There are so many other ways to do this. However, he likes to grand stand and do it in the most confrontational way possible. Confronting the establishment might look good for an opposition leader. But confronting ones own party members just confounds me. The fact that the party members are also ignoring their own constitution, doubly confounds me.
I think Malaysian politics is screwed. There is no hope with any of the current political parties. It's game over for the rest of us!

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