Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weevien might have a stalker!

I wonder if our friend WeeVien might have a stalker. This is the number of hits that this blog has had referred from Google with the keyword "weevien" within the period of the last month. I wonder who has been stalking her. Someone should really tell her about this.

She isn't the only person whom I've had Google hits from. There are at least another few people, whom shall remain nameless. However, as the graph shows, she's the one with the highest number of hits. I have told her about this phenomenon a month or two ago, but she didn't seem to care about it. At that time, there were only two hits. I wonder what she would say about it now.

Seems like I might have to be careful on what I say about her. Since my blog pops up quite highly when people Google her name, it's probably a good idea to not say anything bad. Might affect her if her future employers decide to Google her. [Hint, I'm available for dinners everyday! - me]. Unless of course, she's been stalking herself and this is just her way to find my blog!

PS. Can someone with her contact details tell her about this!

PPS. I'm not a WeeVien fanbois. I just blogged about her Malaysian Nite performance. I do have a bunch of her photographs though. Mostly from that evening.


wv stalker said...

weevien is so hot. oh yeah oh yeah *sounds of jacking off*

Shawn Tan said...

oh man.. this is so sick.. i wonder who's the purv...

ahmad the terrorist said...

from where one?

Shawn Tan said...

err... i cannot check the ip with analytics..

Wee Vien said...

aaagghhh!! Who's this person? Its definitely not me googling myself!! I'm not that perasan la!!

ps. thanks for letting me know tho.. i guess i feel... flattered?
and abt that meal.. =P