Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unusual Witness

Some friends have told me that I should not be so emotional on my blog. They say that it makes me look like a sissy. Seeing that I feel that emotions are my source of strength, I don't see what is wrong with it. However, I do think that there are other interesting things to talk about. So, I promised them that I will not write about my emotional issues, until I finally get over them. But that's not today.

So, anyone looking for juicy gossip can just go read some other person's blog. For now, I will talk about other issues. Today, I will talk about an increasing number of weird things that I've witnessed in the last few days. Might be a full moon coming up soon.

On my train ride back from London over the weekend, I noticed a couple making out at one end of the train. I was sitting in the front car, facing the front of the train. As the train got under way, a couple made their way right up to the front of the car. I didn't make too much of it at the beginning until I caught them making out. Well, I didn't actually witness them making out but from what I could catch, including the body language and the looks they gave each other, it certainly looked a lot like that.

Normally, when I witness a couple making out, I would think that they should go find somewhere a little more private. But interestingly enough, I found this couple rather sweet. In case you were wondering why, it's because this was an elderly couple, old enough to be my parents. I think that it's fairly cute for a couple that age, to still make out on a public train. I guess that their passions are still very much alive, even after so many years.

Then, on my walk back from dinner today, I witnessed another couple making out. However, they were a young couple, possibly in their late teens, making out right in front of the ATM machine right outside Grafton, that I regularly use to withdraw cash from. In fact, I do believe that the girl might actually be partially seated on the machine, from the way that the two of them were positioned. I thought that they should go inside and find a more private place.

This leads me to another interesting thing that I had witnessed yesterday, which is inside Grafton, a local shopping mall. I was rushing through it but I managed to see a cleaner putting on a pair of gloves and picking up rubbish from the floor. What caught my eye was the fact that there was a supervisor looking on. I found it rather weird that there would be someone supervising a cleaner cleaning the floor, until I saw what the cleaner picked up: a used condom!

Which led me to wonder, why anyone would want to dump a used condom, in the middle of the floor of a mall. I wondered if someone might have had a quick tryst in one of the changing rooms and then didn't have the courtesy to properly dispose of the used item. But I guess that it is also possible that some couple might have decided to adjourn their merry making from the outside ATM to somewhere a little more private, inside the mall.

Anyway, just thought that I'd share it.

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Dan said...

i think it is time to start using gloves to type on atm machines.