Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Cooking

Many of my friends here think that I can cook. However, few of them have ever tasted any of my cooking and most surprisingly, I've never actually cooked a proper meal for anyone here before. I have always contributed to cook outs by bringing a single dish, which is usually the simplest thing that I can think of making. But I've never actually made a proper meal for anyone before.

So, I think that most of my friends here do not really know that I can cook. They are just assuming that I can actually cook. I'm not really sure if they will still think that way, if they taste my real cooking. I do not own any special recipes nor many cooking utensils. I just cook whatever I feel like making, however I feel like making it, within reason. I do love to experiment but once I find something that I like making, I can usually make the same thing for many days/weeks without getting bored of it.

As a general rule, my cooking will never look good and will often sport a unique taste. However, it's all perfectly edible. I do love to eat and as a rule, people who can appreciate food, tend to make good cooks (we also tend to be a little obese). Recently, I have gotten myself a wok and I have been having a splendid time cooking friend noodles and rice in it. For some reason, they never quite taste the right way when prepared in a pan.

I've also been experimenting with a few different things. Just thinking about them is making me hungry. But here's a short list of what I've been whipping up recently:

  • Yeast extract stewed chicken
  • Tomato ketchup fried chicken
  • Dry chilli powder fried chicken
  • Black pepper fried sliced bacon
  • Seafood fried egg noodles
  • Chicken mushroom soup rice
That should give you an idea of how unique things can taste. Maybe I should just cook a proper meal for everyone, before I leave for good. Just so that I can have the fun of giving everyone food poisoning. Haha!

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