Monday, October 22, 2007

Students with Guts (but that's about all)

I cringe when I watch this video. Regardless of what the situation was in the first place, I cringed because:
  1. The language skills (or rather lack of)! I cringe whenever I hear one of the students spout any Malay. I guess it must be exactly how the French people feel when I start speaking in French. This is where I think things started going wrong. When you wish to have an argument in any language, bring someone who can at least speak it properly, if you're unable to do so yourself. But either way, it's kind of sad that the students are unable to speak the National Language properly. At least, we never had that kind of problem at my old university.
  2. The dude has got rock solid friends. They stood by him and even risked life and limb (quite literally) by forming a human wall to stop the officer from fleeing in a car. Without his friends, I doubt that the situation would have been resolved. At several moments, when the car threatened to move, I cringed. Now, if only everyone had friends like these, we could stand up and fight for everything.


Dan said...

oh my gosh. did you see the weapon the police guy was wielding? it's an MP5A3 submachine gun. each magazine holds 30 9mm rounds and it is a semiautomatic/automatic weapon. he was ready to whack a mob.

koln_auhc said...


Shawn Tan said...

interesting factoid.. i would never have noticed such a thing.. maybe someone got scared and called for help..