Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Streaking Orion

Heh, woke up at 4 something today, and couldn't go back to sleep. Since it's 6am now, I won't bother to go back to sleep. I'll just blog about things a bit more, and get more things off my chest. Help me work through the issues. Blogs are like having the world as your psychiatrist!

This was to be expected anyway. It's just all part of the process. I'll also possibly be moody for a bit, while I work through things. I pity my students. They're going to get the many "how could you be so dumb" stares from me for a while. Good thing is that I won't be having any supervisions this week. I'll also not be marking any IDP reports until later. So, the only people who'll suffer my glare are the 1AC++ students. Too bad, peeps!

At times like this, it's good to have friends. One friend said that she just didn't know how to appreciate me. [Maybe I should come with a glossy booklet extolling my various virtues and quirks.] Another friend offered to buy me dinner to cheer me up but make sure it's cheap. [Maybe this is a good way of getting free meals.] One other friend offered to listen to me if I needed someone to talk to. [But this friend of mine has enough problems as well.] Anyway, it's great to have friends. Them not necessarily easy to find.

Also, I let her know that I had blogged about it. At one point, she was regularly reading my blog but I guess that she isn't, now. So, I just thought that it was right that she found out about it from me rather than some random third person. I made it clear that it's for me to rant, and get things off my chest. Hopefully there won't be very many!

PS: I'm not moping. I'm just working through the issues openly. This is a GoodThing(tm). Of course, some of my friends were interested to know who "she" is. I gave them my cheeky grin. :P

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~ xYz ~ said...

eh dont let it out on other innocent ppl k! =p