Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dangers posed by Terror Clowns

The events over the weekend, of the failed attacks by terror-clowns in London and Glasgow, have made me think a bit on some things.

Firstly, Scotland Yard moves very fast. It seems that just hours before the lame attempt on Glasgow Airport, the police were already attempting to locate the perpetrators. Their investigation was hampered when they could not get hold of the realtor who had rented off some houses to the suspects, in time. I'm seriously impressed by how fast the police moved. Over the weekend, they had already managed to detain 8 people today. Whether or not these people are actually involved, is a question that will be answered after 28 days (the maximum length of time the law allows the detention of a person without charge, in the UK).

Second, the terror-clowns are lame. 9/11 was an example of immaculate planning and execution of a successful terror plot. It was clearly handled by a group of professionals. Then, the attack of 7/7 showed us a group of people who were at least skillful enough to make their own explosives and set it off correctly. This latest terror attempt is quite laughable and amateurish. Therefore, it suggests to me that this attempt is not done by any real terrorists. In fact, the police hunt has netted a few foreign junior doctors, working at local hospitals. Maybe these people were unhappy with the recent junior doctor placement fiasco. They wouldn't be the only ones feeling that way.

Thirdly, the members of the public have been extremely patient and considerate. They have taken it all in their stride. Neither in London or Glasgow, did anyone complain of the extra security measures taken. Extra searches are being done and Scottish police have even asked for powers to stop and search anyone, anywhere. No one interviewed seems to be angry at any of this. No one blames the government for problems with the terrorists. The only angry people on TV are the people who's houses are under 3 feet of water, all over northern England. Surprisingly, some of these people have blamed the government for slow relief action. These people are also angry at the fact that it could take up to 6 months to get their homes fixed.

Finally, the media. The reporting has generally been fair. The only people to mention the word Al-Qaeda were clueless people. Nobody in the proper chain of command spouted any rhetoric.In speeches and interviews by the new Home Secretary and PM, there was no mention of the War on Terror or Islam or attempts of driving through any dangerous legislation or any other things that the previous government pandered quite often. Maybe, this signals a change in approach of the new government.

So, the only thing that these terror-clowns have accomplished is to make a fool of themselves, which is what clowns do, to entertain the rest of us. They didn't succeed in killing anyone, nor did they cause much property damage. They didn't cause the government to over-react. They helped the media sell more newspapers. People aren't scared and nobody really cares about them. They've only succeeded in hurting their own friends and families. How very silly of them.

If this is the sign of things to come, I would have to say that the world is a fairly safe place. Car crashes cause more deaths than this.

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