Sunday, June 24, 2007

British Summer Fair

So, this is what British people do over summer. They organise all kinds of fairs in open greens. For the last few days, the news has been filled with the largest British fair, Glastonbury Festival. This evening, Ray brought me along to visit our own Cambridge Midsummer Fun Fair.

Midsummer Fair has been visiting Cambridge's Midsummer Common for over 800 years making it the country's oldest travelling fun fair. As well as being one of the oldest, it is also the largest, with all the rides associated with the traditional fun fair and the very best in white-knuckle rides for 2007.
So, I went along to take a few photos. Unfortunately, tonight wasn't very busy. There were plenty of rides and food but hardly any people around. I guess that with most of the students gone, the town has lost a large portion of it's populace. Some of the stalls refused to allow us to take any photos. I guess that they must have something to hide. Otherwise, there really isn't any reason to do so.

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