Monday, April 02, 2007

Best joke of the year!

Arrr.. I've survived the influx of silly news articles for April 1. As usual, I go through a few hundred news articles each day and today, was filled with a whole bunch of crazies. Some were pretty obvious while the good ones were very subtle and on the edge of believable.

I hadn't realised that it was April 1st until quite late. I had actually thought that some of the articles that I'd read yesterday were true. Many of them seemed incredible and fantastic. Then, I noticed the date on some of the articles and realised what they were. I had a lot of fun reading them though.

In my opinion, the prize for best joke of the year goes to the one from Google [the link to it is at the bottom of this blog]. It's a beautifully done up website [read: site, not page], that purportedly shows the coolest new product from Google, the ISP. This must be what Google is doing with all the dark fibre it's been buying up these last few years.

I like the way that this ISP thingy is being sold as a kit. You would have to install it yourself. The kit comes with all the necessary tools, including a pair of rubber globes and a long reel of black fibre. You are supposed to wire it to your home via the 'municiple sewage line' [read: toilet]. Go ahead, read it and have a good laugh.

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Anonymous said...

yea best. haha they way they wrote their question and answer was hilarious too! =P