Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is Frakin' Retarded

Our eurostar train has been cancelled. It seems that there was a fire along the line last night, close to some gas cylinders. And the firemen need 24 hours before they can clear the route as safe. So, all trains in and out of Waterloo have been canceled until 5pm this evening.

So, we have decided that YiJin and Chris will go down to London this morning, to try to settle with eurostar. They will try to book us into the next available trains out of London. If they can get us tickets for tonight or tomorrow, that would be excellent.

If we cannot get tickets for this weekend, YiJin has suggested that we take a 9 hour bus ride to Paris instead. Personally, I'm not looking forward to that especially since the price of the bus ride and the price of a flight out (Monday) is almost the same. So, I might consider the plane instead. However, that would mean that I'll skip one morning in Paris with the group. But what can we do, this is unforseen circumstances.

By our original plan, I should be getting on the bus, the start of my journey. We were scheduled to arrive at Paris later in the afternoon, to check into a hostel and then have some fun out tomorrow. However, the whole plan is now shot. We will have to see what YiJin + Chris can do for us in London.

Haiyar, this is such a spoiler to my wonderful evening last night. Well, that's life. There is always good and bad. Hopefully, we'll get booked into the next train out of London and we can continue with our original plan.

UPDATE: Eurostar is now operating on a first-come-first-served basis for their trains. So, we're all going down early tomorrow to queue up for the first available seat out of London. They aren't even sure if their lines will be open this evening.

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