Friday, March 16, 2007

Avenue Q was GREAT!

If anyone has not cathed Avenue Q yet, I recommend that you do so as soon as possible. It is absolutely great! I had a lot of fun watching the show. Actually, everyone in the audience did. The theatre audience was kept in stitches for much of the show.

I'm extremely amazed by the range of expressions that the puppets were made to go through. I could actually feel the sadness and hopelessness at times. And of course, the most explicit bit, was only doable on stage because it was puppets. It was most certainly hilarious.

The singing quality was very good as well. Many of the performers performed dual roles as different characters with different vocal timbre. I am sincerely impressed by their ability to sing as two characters. I even dare say that the singers sound better on stage than on the soundtrack.

I loved every minute of the show. It was very well worth the money. We sat in the Royal Circus, the best seats in the house. The tickets only cost 17.50 though, through They're currently doing a 2-for-1 for Friday matinees through March.

As for my blog, I will be away for a few days in Paris. I promise to blog about my travels there after I get back. However, I will not be actively blogging for the next few days. Hope you won't miss me too much!

*** image of the orion constellation, quite impressive ***

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