Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Us vs US

The DAP just released a campaign video. I watched it and felt kind of let down by the quality (rather, the lack of).
  1. The voice over was weak. Granted, it's Uncle Kit's voice but his voice is not suitable for ads. It's probably gone hoarse from shouting too much in parliament. They should really have just done away with it entirely if they couldn't get professional voice work done.
  2. The use of the "swoosh" is questionable. I doubt that Nike would throw a fuss about this. But still I'm pretty sure that it's a trademark. They really shouldn't blatantly steal a logo and modify it's slogan. It smacks of childishness. Use the rocket, it's a good logo.
  3. The (mis)use of old fat ladies running a relay race through the street. If you're going to make someone run on camera, at least find someone fit enough for the job. I'm not sure I'd trust these old ladies enough to pass them my baton.
  4. Using a kid to run the last leg of the race. Obviously, this was meant to symbolise hope for the future. However, it's a cheap sell.
  5. Oops! Uncle Kit gave us the finger when he accepted the baton. I guess that he didn't learn how to receive a baton correctly in school. The cameraman should have caught onto that. It's so glaring.
The video was obviously a budget production. Now, contrast it with this campaign video from the other side of the world. A world of difference.

PS: I know that sticking up the video here is just helping the DAP spread their video. But I just felt that I needed to comment on it. Commenting on the video without context isn't quite right.

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Dan said...

this video makes me think that malaysians are a very fat, unfit bunch.