Friday, February 15, 2008

Just a little tired

Just feeling a little tired today. I guess that I'm just feeling a little drained. But I felt that I should blog a little bit before knocking off.

Well, there are a couple of hours more before the poll on this blog closes. However, I doubt that the results would change by much in the final hours. It seems that an overwhelming majority of the people who bothered to vote, reckon that I should mainly blog about myself. I guess it makes sense.

My political blogs are personal commentaries anyway. So, they are a dime a dozen on the Internet. If someone is interested in reading about Malaysian politics, there are plenty of other better sources. My blog is only suitable reading for people interested in my personal bias on the issues. So, I will restrict myself to only writing on political things that I feel passionate about. No more pot shots at our heads of government.

My technology blogs are again, personal commentaries on the things that are happening in the technology world. Unfortunately, most of my blog readers aren't interested in boring technology developments. I tended to talk about the business aspects rather than pure technical stuff. And again, there are many other better sources of these things.

So, in the end, the one thing that makes this blog special, is me. So, it makes sense that I should blog more about myself. I have to give a word of warning though. My life is fairly dull. I am a geek. You cannot possibly expect too much excitement from me. Recent events cannot possibly happen everyday. However, I will try my best to blog a bit more about myself and my experiences in life.

UPDATE+1: Seems like there were a few last minute voters. However, you didn't change the results by much. The overwhelming majority still prefers personal blogs.

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qian said...

I personally prefer your posts on political event and technology world. Even though there are lots of similar resources elsewhere, but your opinions are really good. It's good esp for lazy people like me..I can learn new stuffs while reading your blog.

p.s. I didn't vote though. Sorry ~ =P