Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Star Trek and Batman

The teaser trailer is out. The movie is coming this Christmas. Let's all pray that it does not bomb. Chronologically set between ST:Enterprise and ST:The Original Series, the story will be set during the period of the Earth-Romulan War when mankind just stepped out into space. Whet your appetite, my friends.

It was unfortunate that the cancelled ST:Enterprise in it's 4th season, just as it was starting to get interesting and exciting. The stories were getting better with new writers on board, and the Earth-Romulan War was just brewing. Unfortunately, it suffered from less that spectacular writing in the first 3 seasons and stiff acting for the first. Jolene Blalock is the sexiest Vulcan ever!

On another note, Heath Ledger, the actor for The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, has been found dead. How sad indeed. I wonder if his recent roles drove him over the edge. I don't think that acting as a violent sociopath who murders people and commits crimes for his own amusement, is a good thing.

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