Friday, January 11, 2008

Gizmodo are the Meanies

Oh man, this is the meanest thing that people could do at a public expo. Reporters from Gizmodo, went to CES with a sponsored device that is essentially a universal remote that can turn off any TV display. Mayhem ensues as there were more than enough screens to go around at CES, wall after wall of displays.

I personally found the act extremely irresponsible and childish. However, I had a good laugh nonetheless. I'm fairly certain that they'll have their press passes revoked, at least for a while. I hope that none of the sales people lost their jobs because of this stunt.

Note to self: Always tape over the IR port with duct tape. You never know when someone (maybe a competitor) in the audience might have a universal remote and the will to use it to spoil your presentation. This would be a bigger problem with RF devices. Just go full manual, then.

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