Monday, January 14, 2008

Beware the Facebook!

I have regularly been asked why I refuse to sign up for facebook. When I first found out about Facebook ages ago, it set off many red flags in my head, and it smelled funny. That was the main reason why I have, since, refused to sign up to facebook and I never will. It was never due to the lack of invites.

There is an article in The Guardian, today, entitled "With Friends Like These...". It's much better researched than my simple gut feeling. So, I'd recommend everyone to give it a read. Actually, please give the entire article a read. It's a fairly long article simply because there are so many reasons on why Facebook is evil and people should avoid it like the plague.

It's now good to know that there are more others like me, out there.

In my book, Facebook is evil.


Ir. Dr. K.C. Ng said...

Facebook is evill... haha

Yi Jien said...

You know what, I think your gut is better articulated than the writer of that article. The author is just a conspiracy theorist hired so that they can sell more newspapers. That said, I'm a Facebook user and I actually quite enjoy it. I managed to get in touch with some people I lost contact with. That's a good thing , right? But too much of anything is never good. Moderation is key (damn, I sound like Badawi). Anyway I respect your stand and look forward to not seeing you on Facebook :p