Friday, December 07, 2007

Welcome, the Terrorists!

WTF??!! This is just too funny. Supposedly, the Hindraf group that were interested in submitting a weird request to the British High Commission in Malaysia, are a terrorist group! Well, at least according to our government, there are links between them foreign militant organisations. Quoting the article:

"Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said the groups are Sri Lanka’s Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the RSS, a militant organisation in India."
Personally, I just think that the government has officially gone crazy. Firstly, they pre-emptively take out the Hindraf leadership. Then, they attack the crowd gathering peacefully, with tear gas and water cannons. They even launched an attack, on holy ground, in Batu Caves! Now, they claim that the group is linked with foreign terrorist groups. All this happened because our government butted into something that wasn't it's business to begin with. Quoting our silly minister:
"As we know, the LTTE has been declared a terrorist group by the United Nations and the United States. If it is true that Hindraf leaders have links with them, Hindraf is also a terrorist group"
Wow, this must be a great endorsement. Iran has been named as one of the Axis of Evil by the US and deemed a terrorist state. We have plenty of dealings with Iran, especially in the field of oil & gas. In fact, our national oil company, loves the Iranians so much that they want to keep doing business with them. I'd think that dealing with a terrorist state is so much more dangerous than dealing with a terrorist organisation.

So, using the same logic, Malaysia must be a terrorist state as well. At the very least, our national oil company has to be a terrorist organisation. I can tell you this much, as silly as the company may be sometimes, it's certainly no terrorist organisation. I should know, since I have personal dealings with them. And how about RSS? As far as I can tell, they're not on anyone's terrorist watch-list.

The saddest thing is that things have degenerated to this level. Another simple matter, has been blown up to astronomical proportions by our lovely government. I'm just hoping that they know what the consequences are when the sh*t hits the fan. Before this, most sane Malaysians would've just treated the Hindraf as a group of bat-shi*t crazy people. But now, they're being politicised into victims of our political system. This is ironically, their main complaint, to begin with.

I wonder if anyone would ask our government to back up their words with facts. If Hindraf is truly a terrorist organisation, the government should come clean with the facts. Just calling them terrorists, don't make them so. Personally, I think that our government has gone crazy, crazier so than Hindraf. This just proves it beyond a doubt. I just find things extremely sad. There is only one group guilty of perpetrating ethnic terrorism in Malaysia, and it isn't the Hindraf.

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