Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Granted, I'm neither Christian nor do I believe in God, but I thought I'd wish everyone else who does, a very Merry Christmas. Everyone loves this time of the year, even those who don't celebrate it, like me.

Christmas has always meant one thing to me. Sales! Back home in Malaysia, this would be a good time to start shopping for Chinese New Year stuff as there isn't any other major sale season between now and CNY. Over here, I'm looking forward to the 27th, when the stores go on a crazy year-end sale. They typically try to get rid of all their stock of winter and Christmas goods. Sales here aren't like the sales back home. A typical discount here would start at 50%, unlike the measly 20% we get back home. There are some things that I wish to buy. So, I'll be waiting till the sales start to get them.

Another interesting about Christmas here is the food. There are some things that can be eaten during this time of year. Mince pies is an interesting curiousity. You can get them all year round, but they come out in extremely large quantities, during this period. It's a small pie, filled with minced meat, that can be eaten either hot or cold. It tastes sweet, not salty. I've just bought 2 dozen of them for a mini cook-out in NewHall next week. A Christmas cookout wouldn't be complete without mince pies. Of course, there's the stuffed turkey, but I've never bought one myself because it costs a little too much.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all!

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