Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a load of racist hogwash!

It comes as no surprise that we get funny comments from our MPs in Malaysia. As the parliament is filled with jokers, we cannot expect anything less. Generally speaking, our jokes tend to come from the UMNO side of the room. But once in a while, we get a gem from our very own Chinese Representative, in parliament.

I assume that since MCA owns TheStar, through Huaren, they would not have taken their boss' words out of context. So, here's the quote from the article:

"The Chinese in Malaysia have a comparative edge over their counterparts in other countries because of their strong emphasis on education, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting. Ong said the strong Chinese education system in Malaysia boosted the yearn to learn among the Chinese."
So, he's implying that the Chinese in Malaysia have an advantage over Chinese people elsewhere and that the Chinese education system in Malaysia is superior. I'd like to challenge the minister to back up his words with facts. I'd like him to show me how:
  1. The Chinese education system in Malaysia boosts the "yearn to learn" as opposed to any other education system in Malaysia. I won't tax him by asking him to compare it with foreign education systems. As far as I can tell, the education system, examinations and syllabus in all the government schools in the country is standardised. The only difference between the different streams is the main language of instruction used and even that is slowly being changed.

    So, I don't understand what extra our Chinese education system brings to the table, considering that it works within the system as well. In one fell swoop, he's saying that other education systems in the country are not as good and the Chinese one is better. I'd really like to see some numbers on that. From my personal experience growing up in Malaysia, there really isn't any difference. I do know that there's a perception that it is better. However, views are often biased and quite different from reality.

  2. The Malaysian Chinese have any advantage over their counterparts from other countries. Let's not even look very far. I'd like him to show how we're better than people from say, Singapore. It's not that I think that Singaporeans are any better than us. The point I'm trying to make is that you cannot equate an education system with survival skills. As any biologist will tell you, when there is selection pressure, the species that survives is the one that meets the criteria for selection.

    There is no scientific correlation between race and survivability. Seriously, I'd like to see how skin colour factors more into survivability than say, wealth, opportunities, socio-economic environment. I can see the logic that if someone is born poor, in a gang ridden suburb with little hope of social mobility, that person has a lower chance of survival. I'd like to see him show how a Malaysian Chinese, born in a poor family, living in a crime ridden area, with little hope of social mobility, will fare better than anyone anywhere.
But then again, I cannot blame him for talking like this, considering that he's the leader of a racial political party. However, I find it sad that he is capable of talking out of his behind. Sometimes, I do lament the fact that Team B lost. At least there were some properly educated professionals on that team and not an someone who couldn't even qualify for Form 6.

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