Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Downing Formal

I just got back from a formal at Downing College. Our elegant hostess, managed to secure us 3 tickets. She had originally decided not to go, so there were 4 tickets. But at the last minute, she realised that she needs to bring us in. And so, one of us had to drop out at the last minute. It was a rather messy muck-up.

Anyway, it was a decent formal. For about £8, it is fairly standard fair. There is nothing especially good or bad about the formal. The only interesting thing happened when the Master got up in the middle of dinner to ask everyone to keep the volume down. Unlike Malaysia, nobody seemed to care and there wasn't any difference in the volume after his polite request. Otherwise, it is a fairly standard formal for under a tenner.

They tried to create a fake Magdalene atmosphere by turning off most of the lights except the centre chandelier. Seriously, if the college wanted to fake it, they should have just turned off all the lights. They only did that at the end, I guess as a sign to the students to leave.

The company was good though. There was the usual rubbish talk. And we gravitated to some politics partway, before gyrating back to rubbish talk. It's nice to be able to talk rubbish for a while. I don't really like small talk, but I like rubbish talk. It's more personal and fun.

Okay, so, I'm only down to Newnham, Trinity Hall and Christ now. I've got Newnham schedule for next week's Christmas formal. I can get a Christ formal any time. Now, I desperately need to look for someone from Trinity Hall to bring me in. Unfortunately, I don't really know anybody there.

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