Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hehe, we had a cookout at Queens' today. Food can always make me happy. Unfortunately, everyone ended up bringing mostly chicken. Nobody brought any vegetables. This is so typical. Anyway, the food was quite good and one person even brought char kuay teow and it was really quite good!!!

For dessert, I tried a random concoction of red-bean paste with Bacardi! Nobody else tried it but it was really quite interesting. I'm quite open to experimentation with food.

Anyway, after dinner, we just sat around in a circle talking all sorts of crap. Then, someone asked me about Michelle, and I ended up telling my ghost story of Michelle, and the White Queen. This led to another ghost story and before we knew it, we spent more than an hour talking about ghosts. This is like so typical Malaysian random crap chit chat lar. So nice.

The photo is an odd tinge of orange because we turned off all the lights except for a lone incandescent bulb glowing in the corner. When you want to tell ghost stories, you really need to create the right mood.

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Dan said...

eh i tried it loh. was ok... a bit strange tho. i'll stick to coke + vodka/rum, thanks.