Sunday, October 14, 2007

BSB is Back!

Oh man, I grew up listening to The Backstreet Boys. I've always liked them a lot. They had great songs and real singing ability (most of them at least) unlike the more popular N'Sync. I actually bought all their early albums in cassette form and later ones in CD. Okay, for the people who think that I'm a sop for liking BSB: Their songs are good. I even had to sing one of their songs (I'll never break your heart) to a girl (LPT), during a campfire, as part of a punishment for losing some silly game. Secondary school was full of forgettable memories!

I've another confession to make. I've always bought original music (regularly paying RM40+ for a music CD). But then, about the time when I started getting interested in IP law, I found out that it was actually illegal for me to rip my own CDs to MP3s and so, I stopped giving my regular donation to the music industry. I think that I'd easily spent several thousand ringgit on various CDs. Okay, I'm not poor, but not having a rich dad, I earned every last sen I had.

Anyway, YouTube is full of their songs. They're back and they've got a new single titled, "Inconsolable". It's not bad. For a group that's not been singing for ages, it's actually quite good. But I still think that this is their best song ever: "Show me the meaning of being lonely.". To the young'uns, enjoy!

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