Friday, August 17, 2007

Possibly the BEST Technology Job Offer!

I'm fairly certain that this is possibly a typo. But if this wasn't, it would possibly be the BEST technology job offer ever! Look at picture and you'll see that the pay is £5,000-£100,000 per hour! Psycho!

If it was true, the person would probably make more money that most of the Fortune 500 CEOs make. Let's hope that nobody loses their head over this. Another alternative theory is that this is one of those fake job ads that are placed for the sake of regulatory compliance.

Sometimes, when a company wants to hire a foreign candidate to fill up a position, they need to prove that there is no one else within the UK/EU that can fit the bill. So, typically, companies will place an advert for an extremely specific skill set. Therefore, very few people are actually able to meet the criteria. As a result, nobody applies for the job. Then, the companies are free to hire their original candidate while still meeting regulatory requirements by proving that they had nobody within the UK/EU that met the requirements.

Or, it might just be that some financial services company up in Scotland is in dire need of a Senior Server Technical Analyst (whatever that job title means). Therefore, they are willing to pay top dollar for it. But then, you will need to ask the question of why there's such a need in the first place. I don't see anything exciting happening in the server sector in the near future. If so, I really wonder how much the CEO of the company makes per hour.

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