Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let Us All Listen to Pak Lah!

Pak Lah gave out a lot of sound bites yesterday. I just couldn't resist calling his bluff. Pak Lah, as lame a person as you are, you really should fire whomever it is who writes your speeches. I have already suggested this many times. I will quote him from the articles in TheStar that have appeared here and here today.

"A true Malaysian patriot loves Malaysia and all Malaysians" -- Pak Lah
Yes, that's all true, as long as they do not express their true love for Malaysia. If they wish to express their fake love, they should do so using only approved methods, preferably these methods paid for by the government (i.e. flying flags and turning on decorative lights). Of course, we must never ever produce a music video on anything remotely Malaysian.
"By cooperating with each other, our leaders managed to bring those of different races, cultures and backgrounds together for one purpose and the British was forced to accord us Independence". -- Pak Lah
Yes, that's all true, except that after the British left, we continued to use the divide and rule policy used by the British against us. Our present government is made up of a coalition of political parties divided by race. Quoting Wikipedia: "Since its inception the Alliance remained a coalition of communal parties. Each of the component parties operated to all intents and purposes, save that of elections, as a separate party." If that isn't divide and rule, I don't know what is. So, we have not made any progress at all, since independence and If anything, we have regressed into an even worse situation since we're doing it to ourselves.
"The most important challenge to us now is to inculcate in our children values such as racial tolerance and cooperation so that we don't think ourselves as separate from the other races". -- Pak Lah
Yes, that's all true again, and we have great role models in our Government. If the adults behave like intolerant beruk who shout racist slogans to incite fear and hatred, the children will learn that this is how best to behave. When the children see that certain people who are caught on camera threatening to bathe the keris in blood, while someone who merely sings a rap song gets threatened with sedition, they will learn the correct way to express racial tolerance.
"Our young generation must understand the true meaning of independence. It means to be a sovereign country and it means a nation which is independent with honour". -- Pak Lah
Yes, and we can show to them the way to do this by borrowing money from foreign countries and increasing our debt from current US$ 50 billion to a potential US$ 100 billion! If we had to borrow 90% for the RM 3 billion Penang Bridge, I don't know how we plan to fund the RM 177 billion Northern Corridor Economic Region. This would strengthen our economy and prevent foreign countries from controlling us. We should borrow money from different people to protect our independence as others would not be able to buy up all our foreign debt and own us. Right....
"They (our young) bear the responsibility to make sure that this independent country continues to be independent and to make sure that it continues to grow and progress". -- Pak Lah
Right! I think this is the only thing he had said that was accurate. It will be our children, and our grandchildren, who will have to shoulder the responsibility of all the foreign debt. Our descendants will continue to pay off the debts being incurred by their forefathers for decades to come. I'm sure that Singapore would happily help us with our debt situation if we agree to let them buy up and annex the state of Johor, starting with the IDR. It would solve so many of our cross border problems.

I think this is enough already. Let's all listen to Pak Lah and have a good laugh on his account. Have a great Merdeka celebration, my fellow rakyat. We should all enjoy our independence, while we still can! There may not be a Malaysia anymore, in 50 years time.


Dan said...

eh. be nice. pak lah is my favourite comedian.

Shawn Tan said...

welcome back my fren.. sudah lama tak jumpa.. i've always felt that pak lah needs a new speech writer..

Dan said...

haha... internet connection has been hard to come by :P

they should put out an ad in the newspaper for 'speechwriter for pak lah' i sure would like to try. we can make him the most sarcastic malaysian leader ever! how cool will that be?!