Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Hunt for NameWee Continues...

I wasn't aware of this development if it wasn't mentioned on another blog. It seems that our Gahmen is still trying to hunt down Namewee, a talented song-writer. Our Gahmen seems bent on making an example of a creative young Malaysian who chose to express himself through song. I had already blogged about his story earlier.

According to an article in TheStar today, our Higher Education Ministry Parliament Secretary claimed that a Malaysian university student in Taiwan who insulted the Negaraku and mocked the Government in a video clip will be recalled if he is found to be sponsored by the Government. Me thinks that our Gahmen must be very free lar, if they can devote so much attention to such a tiny matter.

Personally, I think that our Gahmen's time should be spent on much more important things. The Higher Education Ministry should focus their attentions on how to raise the quality of our local universities to address it's recent drop in world ranking. The police also have enough on their plate, with the rising rate of serious crimes (robbery, rape and murder) in our country. I'm sure that all those things are more important than one little kid studying in Taiwan.

I'd like to give our Gahmen an advice. The more they beat the issue with the big stick, the more people would try to hunt down and watch the video. If they had just let it be, the video would've been seen, and forgotten the very next minute. The YouTube generation has a finicky attention span. It's an enjoyable video, but nobody would've taken it too seriously. I wonder if our Gahmen had actually watched the video themselves. From it's recent performances, I doubt that they had.

There must be something seriously wrong with our Gahmen, when it fears being mocked by a kid. Gahmen, you're just helping the kid get laid.

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