Friday, August 03, 2007

Buying Love

DISCLAIMER: Please take parts of this blog in the satirical manner that it's meant to be. Just have a good laugh at it's funny parts. May not be suitable for young children.

I read a funny article this morning. What does a person do when they cannot get any real loving? They can always go out a buy some artificial loving. A writer in Australia, recently concluded that it was much easier to buy the services of a prostitute because he had gotten tired of lying to women to get laid.

By lying, he means promising the remotest possibility of an honest relationship. He goes on to explain how things are more sincere when you buy love as both parties know what to do, what to expect from the intercourse, and when to leave. At least there is not deception involved. But he must have been met by many frustrations in life and he says that an entire soundtrack of mumbled bedroom cliches couldn't convince him.

And then, I read this funny article in TheStar today. According to the article, our Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister is quite sad that there aren't many people flying our Jalur Gemilang even though our nation's 50th birthday is fast approaching. The people aren't demonstrating their great love for our venerable nation, on it's Golden Jubilee.

So, our Gahmen has decided to buy some love. They're offering businesses tax exemptions for various costs incurred, for publicly displaying their love and affection, by flying our national flag during this period. To help get things up, they are also offering concessions for businesses to put up some decorative lights to spruce up the mood. I guess the little blue pill isn't quite up to the job anymore.

Personally, I think that we Malaysians should all fly our flag during our national day. We should all show great loving to our wonderful nation. Regardless of what's happened before this, being together for half a century, without tearing ourselves apart, is no simple feat. All relationships have their fair share of fights. It's the ability to forgive, forget and move on, that allows a relationship to survive.

So, for this coming Merdeka, let's all set aside our petty differences. Let's all recall about how exciting the journey has been and dream of how much further we can all go together if we choose to walk together. While some people want to attack, crush and destroy, we shouldn't let these Decepticons tear us apart with their deceptions.

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PS: Notice the little "heart" at the heart of the image! That's why I chose it.


weishen said...

This is a beautiful post, Shawn. I like the way you end it and hopefully more malaysians can think like you, if that happens, perhaps we can stay as one piece for the many next 50 years.

Shawn Tan said...

hehe, thanks man!! 50 years is a long time.. a lot of things can happen in 50 years..