Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anessa's BBQ

The weather this weekend was EXCELLENT for anything and everything. I received a last minute invite to a BBQ at Ness's house. I know her through Ray, my former house mate. She has a really chirpy personality. Very nice person. Since it was also a nice weekend, I agreed to go to the BBQ. I know that it's a Christian do, and I have no problems with that. I am a Malaysian. I just found out that Ray is from the True Jesus Church. He never did want to tell me which church he was from.

I had a nice time there. The people were all very friendly. I met a lot of Malaysians there. They were mostly from Sandakan, Sabah and they were mostly related to Ness (her mum's from there). They kept asking me if I spoke Hakka. Unfortunately, I'm not a Hakka Yin. This visibly disappointed some of them. I can understand it enough to make out most of John's speech though. This is the result of having lived in a Hakka speaking town with friends who speak it.

It is nice meeting new people. Like Ray says, I'm a social creature. I don't know where he got that impression, but I guess I am. Although I don't personally consider myself a very people person, I do get along with most people. I guess that being chatty helps. People are interesting. Anyway, I took some nice photos. Thought that I'd stick them up here so that others can view them.


weishen said...

Ooo...I can speak Hakka. Lol! Eh, you go to Christian thingy...not bad

Shawn Tan said...

Ey, my friends invite me to BBQ, of course I go lar!! Makan leh.. The fact that it's a Christian do is just a minor detail.. hehe..