Thursday, July 19, 2007

Teaching Assistantship

I attended an interview this morning for the position of a departmental teaching assistant. I had applied for the teaching assistant position as a backup for my plans next year. I do not wish to run out of money while finishing up my PhD. I'm not sure if my scholarship will be extended. My sponsors have not yet gotten back to me on my request for an extension.

The department hires a whole bunch of teaching assistants every year for the different divisions within the department. The job of a teaching assistant is essentially no different from whatever it is that I'm doing now. The only difference is that I get paid more to do it and it's a contract position for the year. This means that I cannot run away on unannounced holidays for the whole of next year. The position starts on 1 September. I guess this means that I'll have to change my vacation plans for the year.

I had just received a phone call from the teaching office. I had been offered not one teaching assistant post, but two. I had been offered the TA post for both Division B and F. So, that means that I will be paid for two jobs! That's good news! They are still conducting interviews for the different divisions until 3.30pm today. I've been told to let them know my decision on whether to accept the position or not, after 3.30pm. I think that I'll drop them an email to say yes.

I was thinking of going home for a month in September. I have been told that they're fairly flexible. If I wish to take a short break in September, I can start work in August. Either way, I will have to shorten my break. I might choose to take the first two weeks of September off, while starting work for the last two weeks of August. Makes good sense to me.


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