Saturday, July 14, 2007

ARM Barbeque

I got invited to the ARM barbeque today, by a friend of mine, Xueni. This seems to be an annual summer barbeque organised by the company for it's employees. There were plenty of families and kids at this event. I ended up having both my lunch and dinner at the event.

There was plenty of food to eat. There were both meat and vegetarian grills. Being the carnivore that I am, I attacked the meat grill with much gusto. They had burgers, lamb, chicken, pork and sausages. The pork that they had were pieces of pork marinated in charsiew sauce and grilled over the fire. So, tasted quite good.

Then, there was also the salad bar, which was filled with the standard fare that you find in any salad bar. I had some pasta, potatoes and lettuce to go with my meats. Then, we have the desserts table, which had all kinds of pastry and ice cream. They kept changing the pastry so one could end up having nothing but desserts if they wanted to.

Of course, the event would not be complete without games to play with. There were the standard dodgems (that's what people here call bumper cars). There was also a human table football, bouncy castle, slides and lots of other stuff. As you can imagine, the kids had a field day and were all over the place. Oh yes, there was even an entertainer hired to keep the kids happy, and a face painter who painted all kinds of nice patterns on the kids faces.

All in all, it was plenty of fun. The weather was nice and sunny too!

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