Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swedish Femmes

Food, furniture and femmes. That was the 3 main things that I took away from Stockholm. I've already blogged about food and furniture below. Now, it's time to talk about the blonds.

Yes, it's true. Everyone here is blond. Almost everyone anyway. The Swedes come in all shades of blond, from the auburn-ish shade to platinum blonds. Almost every 4 of 5 people are blond. Blond hair is supposed to be a recessive trait. I was told by my medic friends that this means that they'll be ultimately bred out.

The blonds here come in all shapes and sizes. From the tall slim blond to the short flabby blond, both male and female. But Rob and I concluded that most people here do not have a problem with their weight, unlike in the UK where they are soon to make it illegal for parents to feed their children too much food. It must be all the fish in the Swedish diet. So, let's just say that the first couple of days was fairly interesting.

After 3 days there, I kind of got tired of the blonds. It gets a little boring after a while when everywhere you look, you see a blond. This makes me wonder if they're all real blonds or did they dye their hair blond. If you are 1 of 5 who isn't born blond, it would make you the odd one out in school. So, some people may just fake it to fit in. But I also saw a lot of them who had dyed black hair, which is too black to be real. So, maybe the locals are getting tired of being blond themselves and trying to look exoctic, with their pale skin, coloured eyes and black hair.

So, this ends my three blogs on Stockholm, Sweden. If you like tall lanky blonds, ergonomic stylish furniture or salty tasty food, Sweden is the place to be.

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Yi Jin said...

haha which medic friend told you that? the "blonde" gene would not be bred out if there is no selection pressure (ie no preference/dislike for blonde hair) by other fellow humans. it doesn't matter whether it's recessive or not, it'll be still in the gene pool.. haha