Monday, June 11, 2007

Singing into the sunset

I had totally forgot about this event until I was reminded about it at 8.30pm! This is an annual event by the Trinity College choir. They would sing a whole lot of songs by the river bank, before punting off into the sunset. Very romantic leh!

The building at the back of the picture is the Wren Library at Trinity College. I was supposed to meet up with Ray there at 8.15pm. Since I was late, I thought that I would just go and take some pictures. Since I was so moody, maybe listening to some soothing songs would be good for me.

There was a huge crowd on both sides of the backs (as you can see from the picture). Luckily enough, I met Rob on my way in and he told me where they were camped out. So, I got there and set myself up to take some pictures. Surprisingly, I didn't need to use my tripod and most of the pictures still turned out fine. The shake-resistant system on my camera actually works very well. So, I was busy snapping away. I stopped taking pictures after I had gotten enough and just sat there to enjoy the music. It was a good show. I do think that it was extremely well done.

At one point of the show, we had a duck chiming in with the choir as well. This was quite funny and made everyone laugh. The thing that caught me was how silent the huge crowd became, when the singers took to the stage. The songs really carried well on the water. Some people even came in their own punts and moored them on the opposite of the river. These people probably had the best seats in the house.

I really enjoyed myself during the performance. It's just one of the little things to experience in Cambridge as a student. The only improvement that I could've come up with was for the singers to stand in the punts, rather than be seated. It should be doable since the punts were all lashed together to create a stable platform anyway. I just find it a little weird for a choir to sing while seated.


weishen said...

Oi!!! Nice leh? I missed it...Stupid exams

Shawn Tan said...

there's always next year.