Monday, June 11, 2007

Lewis Hamilton Rox!

Man, Formula 1 is getting interesting again, and it's all thanks to one man, Lewis Hamilton. He has been breaking a string of records ever since his debut this year. In my opinion, the most substantial records broken are (1) finishing on the podium in every race since his debut, and (2) winning his first race on his sixth circuit.

The only reason that I know about this is because he is British. The BBC has been running news on his win. His story is one of someone who achieved greatness through sheer will and support from his family. He started cart racing at 8 and his father had to take on several extra jobs in order to support his interest. His father played all the roles from manager to mechanic, for his son. Yesterday, all his years of sacrifice paid off when Lewis won his first ever Grand Prix.

His father will no longer need a second job. Lewis is now guaranteed millionaire status by being an F1 race winner. All the other British people involved in F1, including Eddie Jordon, are now throwing accolades at the young man. Yes, he is only 22 and he is currently enjoying an 8 point lead in the drivers' championships over his team mate, Fernando Alonso. I guess McLaren is having a good time this year, with both it's drivers in the lead.

I will start to monitor the sport again this year. It will be interesting to watch Lewis Hamilton win the championship.


Keith said...

You're pretty confident Hamilton is going to win!

Shawn Tan said...

He is off to a good start, at least!

Kuhan said...

Hamilton or Alonso...I don't long as McLaren gets the title!


wee hee!!! go silver arrows!