Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Magdalene Formal

Yiannee had just returned from her short research project in Australia. So, on that pretense, we decided to do a formal gathering for her. Although Yiannee is now in Lucy Cav, we still consider her every part Magdalene. In actual fact, I think that we just needed an excuse to get together at the end of the term.

So, we had an interesting formal at Magdalene. Almost everyone attended. The people in the picture (back to front, left to right) are: Ray, JiaYao, Ashok, Ryan, JinYang, Arun, YianNee, MingYeong and Yijin. Aside from Ray, who is SBC, the rest of us are either from S'pore, M'sia or Brunei.

Although I have to say that the quality of the food is now edible, the menu was certainly quite creative. For starters, we had some sort of cold salad with lots of tomatoes. The main course was salmon cooked in hoisin sauce with corn and something called couscous. The dessert was good though, with a weird alcohol based pastry. MingYeong didn't want hers so YiJin and I split up the balance. Ashok didn't want to take any alcohol and had fruits instead.

Then, after the dinner, we adjourned to the games room at Cripps Court. I'd never been in there although I have heard a lot about how fun it is. Seriously, if JiaHui was here, she would be screaming her head off. There is a air hockey table and table tennis in the new room. However, the room is a little warm as the windows are all locked.

Right next door is a new music room. It looks quite nice as the room has a grand piano, a drum set and a keyboard. It isn't big enough to fit our lion in there. The Robinson music room is much bigger. However, it's probably the nicest music room that we have in Magdalene. I think that I will make use of these two rooms a bit more over summer. Call a few kaki over and play games on weekends. When I'm moody, can go and play the grand piano there.

We had a lot of fun playing the air hockey. As usual, I was playing it with my violent technique. Everyone started playing in formal wear (with gowns) but ended up shedding pieces off over time. JinYang was the most consistent table tennis player in our group. YiJin is quite good as well. Ashok seems like the more sporty one of the twins as his movements were not as kaku as Arun's.

All in all, it was a fun evening. YiJin, Arun and Ashok are having their birthdays this weekend. However, I will be away in Stockholm then. Maybe we can have a barbeque when I get back. We should really make use of my back yard before they start setting up for the MayBall.

It was fun to get together one last time before everyone goes off home. Some people will still stay over summer but most people will be going home. I should probably be going home as well this summer, for a few weeks.


-my- said...

Hehe, you spelled couscous wrongly at first and now you have changed it. =P

Shawn Tan said...

spelling nazi!! hehe..