Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mouse LuvBook TW

With a name like that, who could possibly hate this notebook? The Japanese always seem to have the newest machines for the lowest price. Maybe I should make a shopping visit to Japan to buy my notebook. This entry level Japanese Santa Rosa costs only JPY 119,700 (GBP 495) inclusive of Japanese VAT!

Unlike the S41 or the R70, this machine only sports the GMA X3100 graphics chip from Intel, which isn't suitable for any sensible gaming. I'm fine with that though, if I can shave off almost 200 quid off the price. My new notebook will primarily be a work and entertainment machine. I've not really played games for quite a long time now. So, high end gaming graphics is a plus, not a requirement for my new notebook. Some of the other notebooks that come with the X3100 still cost much more than this one.

However, the whole website is in Japanese. I can figure out enough of it to make an order. I'm actually reviewing the customisable features as I type this. So, I'm doubtful that they ship their product overseas. Wait a minute! I've got a good friend going to Japan over the summer! I wonder if I could trouble my friend to help me angkat the notebook over. I've also got another friend working in Tokyo at the moment. Alternatively, I could just do a shopping trip to Japan to stock up on various consumer products. I've always wanted to visit Japan anyway. It's a really nice country to go for a holiday. This is just the prefect excuse to do so. Akihabara, here I come!

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