Monday, April 16, 2007

Hmm, or maybe Asia is IT?

Hot on the heels of my previous blog, it seems that there's a shortage in IT workers in Asia, where the growth rate has been tremendous as well. There is more demand there for IT workers than available supply. The pay isn't that bad either.

There seems to be a great shift in technology industry. While the industry is increasingly moving out of the US and onto Asian and European countries, the workers seem to be headed for the US. One analysis on this weird phenomenon is that the worker exodus is mainly for non permanent workers. These workers mainly treat the US as a training ground before going back to their home countries to work permanently in the tech industry.

Maybe Asia is a good backup plan as well. Singapore has the second highest average IT pay in the region, and it's close to home (although I still cannot fathom how Sporeans consume 'wanton mee' with ketchup). It might be a good backup plan to consider. However, the US is still probably the place to be for the time being.

Anyway, I think that I'm going to start blogging more and more about microprocessors and technology now. I'm starting to get tired of the same jokes everyday, when it comes to international politics. Malaysian politics is also fairly sleepy. People are still interesting, although I'm seeing less and less of them these days, which only leaves technology to talk about.

So, expect to see all kinds of weird blogs about cache trashing, stack underflows, instruction orthogonality, parallelism abstraction levels and other alien talk in the near future. I think that I'll blog a bit about my project design. Maybe it'll help me in my thinking process for my design, which I'm still stuck in.


koln_auhc said...

wanton mee with ketchup is Malaysian. Southern malaysian if you want to be precise. Somebody happened to copy it from us.

Shawn Tan said...

haha... i doubt it.. i've never seen it before, when i was growing up in johor.. unless they created it in recent years..

koln_auhc said...

er pontian if you want the name. It's been there since the 1950's.