Friday, March 09, 2007

Cute little babies!

I just got these pictures in my mailbox today. My dad had taken some photos of the newest additions to my family. Everyone, say hi to Jarrick and Jarellyn, my nephew and niece. They are about 6 months old now. Nice and healthy looking and all. There was also a photograph of Jarell, who is their 5 year old brother.

The thing that startled me was, that I had actually missed the new-borns more than any of my other family members. It is surprising because I had not even met them and didn't even know what they looked like. So, I asked my dad to take some photos and send them to me. Totemo kawaii ne? Very cute little kids. They both seem to be bright and cheery too.

I'm thinking of flying home for a month, this summer. I think that I'll try to buy a Wii before going home. I'm thinking of giving it to my nephew as a gift. It is a nice console and will hopefully draw the little guy towards technology. Hehe, I'm trying to sabotage my sister and convert her kids to engineering/technology instead of medicine!

However, before that, I'll need to complete my research first or at least get enough data to work on. Then, I wouldn't need to login remotely into my lab to work. The latency between Malaysia and the UK would be too high for me to tolerate. I can certainly do some writing up of several chapters when I am home. So, I guess that's the plan for now!

Yea, next week, I'll be invigilating an examination for a dyslexic student here. I was called to do it as I was the most experienced invigilator that they had in college. I'd agreed to do it as I haven't got any plans for the morning anyway. I should maybe find out more about what a 'dyslexic' is, just so that I'm prepared to handle any problems.

UPDATE: According to my mum, they are as smart as me. So, I guess I'm as smart as a baby! They love playing with books and looking at the contents, which bodes well for the future of their education. Cute and smart babies! What more can you ask for?


Anonymous said...

The babies are soooo adorable! Jarellyn looks especially excited and happy in that pic. =)

Shawn Tan said...

ey, how do you know who is who?? guess only is it?? hehe..

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... just a guess. =) In my opinion, the baby in the lower pic is dressed more girly than the baby on the top pic! Am I right though?

Shawn Tan said...

haha.. yes, you're right..

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable!!!And very beautiful babies:)