Monday, March 12, 2007

Cambridge University Loony/Lovely Dudes/Dudettes Troupe

Hehe. We had our lion dance troupe AGM today. It was such an interesting and funny AGM. I don't think that I'd ever experienced a funnier AGM than this one. It was an extremely unique experience.

Someone ran for all the posts and lost every single one, but one! We even had a revote and postponed voting, when the votes were too close to call. There were even 'ties' for the positions. So much excitement and fun. I do believe that this is the nicest club/society that I had ever been in. Everyone is just so passionate, cool and fun without any serious politics creeping in.

Sam is a great cook. She whipped up a wonderful eight course meal for us. There was all kinds of wonderful food. Those of you who missed it, it's your loss. We were glutons as we consumed all the food without shame and ate up every last morsel. She even refused our offers of help. I do believe that we would have fouled up the meal if we had stuck our stupid thumbs into the pie. So, kudos to Sam! Anyone who disagrees, you suck!

They were also nice enough to have gotten me a cake. Yes, my dear readers, I'm now no longer a 'youth', following the UN definition. They got me a nice chocolate hedgehog cake. Katie said that it looked a lot like me. Bless her. This gave them the perfect excuse to stick so very many candles on it. Zen also gave me a pack of chocolate coffee beans, in lieu of a depressing Nazi book. It's the thought that counts!

I have a full markup session later this morning. This is then, followed by an appointment for a blood donor session. I finally got to make an appointment for it. The British blood donor system is so troublesome. It is totally donor unfriendly. However, I thought that my birthday would be a good day to do my annual blood donation. So, I made an appointment anyway.

I love the lion dance troupe. Anyone who isn't a member, should join. It's the most fun that you'll ever have here. Plus, you get a lot of good food too. Imagine dining in some of the finest Chinese restaurants in England, getting entry into MayBalls and meeting some of the nicest people around here. I can say that we are like one big (well fed) happy family. I'm happy!

*** image of some of the members and I ***


What A Lulu said...

haapy birthday to you YESTERDAY
haapy birthday to you YESTERDAY
haapy birthday to you YESTERDAY
haapy birthday to you!

if it's of any comfort, you still qualify as a youth per MCA and UMNO definition.
and if you were a perempuan, you'd be prime recruitment candidate for Puteri UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Aisay, never say it was your birthday at B Bar, or we could have celebrated it with you. =)

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday, and you'll always be a youth to us, if not physically, at least in maturity. =P

Zen said...

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Shawn Tan said...

hehe... thanks everyone!!

Anonymous said...

everyone loves the lion dance troupe.