Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goodbye, virile old man!

Seems like my preliminary analysis of the situation was right. Our Health Minister, has been completely ousted, not just from his government position, but also his political seat and all his party posts within the MCA. All this, within 24 hours after he publicly declared that he was the man caught in the recent sex DVD scandal in Malaysia.

According to our opposition leader, in his blog:

The first betrayal was the very orchestrated and professional manner in the surfacing of the video DVD. Who was behind it? All fingers point to his political enemies from within the MCA.

The second betrayal was whether he had been misled into believing that his admission in his Labis statement would suffice, and he could continue to keep his government and party posts, when in fact, his Labis statement would be the basis to force him to relinquish his government and party posts – as has now happened.

As I had inferred earlier, this was internal party politics, being dragged into the open. It became fairly obvious, once you consider the source and distribution methodology involved. Somebody wanted him out, and devised this strategy to get him out. It's only sad that the only political scandal in Malaysia, worthy of publication, had come to such a quick and painless end. Or has it? Regardless of all this speculation, it's unfortunate that he was forcibly removed.

Firstly, I think that it's undemocratic, to remove him from his position as MP. It makes a mockery of the whole democratic process. He was a democratically elected leader and by that virtue, he should only lose the position through democratic means. He is there because the electorate put him there, not his party. So, if the people still want him, regardless of his infidelity, he should be kept in his seat. If they want him out, the people can kick him out.

Secondly, I think it's unprofessional to have him resign as Health Minister. A person should only be judged professionally, based on their job performance. I can certainly think of several incompetent ministers, who should be dragged out and burnt at the stake. For some reason, our Health Minister isn't on the list. He's probably one of the very few ministers we have, who actually knows something about his job.According to the IHT, "Chua had been praised for cutting bureaucratic delays in medical services and working to combat AIDS, smoking and junk food consumption."

Thirdly, I think that it's kind of sad when other dirtier politicians, are still behind the reigns of power, while he got caught with his pants down, literally. Seriously, if the worst thing they could hit him with was infidelity, he's probably one of the cleaner politicians in government. It's sad when politicians who're caught having sex are forcibly removed, while corrupt and incompetent ones are kept on. It seems that, "some Malaysians have a holier-than-thou attitude."

So, we should just sit back, and watch the rest of the show. The best way to figure out who the dalang is, is to observe the food chain and see who benefits. Nobody goes through all this trouble for nothing.

PS: Maybe now, he can consider going over and working for Pfizer or Bayer!

After reading this interview, now I'm really sad that he has to go. He's very tajam in his answers. He's obviously seething. We're so screwed.


zewt said...

i must say... his BM is quite good.

Shawn Tan said...

yes, he's educated, unlike many of his party leaders who couldn't even get a credit for SPM BM..

KC said...

Eh, who din get credit for SPM BM? Leave me a message over msn?

Shawn Tan said...

oh, i'm sure that many people get SAP or Grade 3 for their SPM every year..