Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Finally, a scandal worthy of publication!

Finally, we have a scandal in Malaysia, that is worthy of publication. Not some artificially inflated issue that is then solved by doing nothing. Our Health Minister must've gotten a belated Christmas present this year. Now, he's got international fame, with the publication of his antics in Reuters. Maybe he should pen a book about how he got caught on video, screwing around.

Personally, I think that it's a good thing that he's still able to get it up at his age. His plumbing must still be in fairly good shape. Low cholesterol, healthy heart. Either that, or he has a free supply of little blue pills from Pfizer. Maybe, it's one of the privileges of being the Health Minister (HM), a lifetime supply of little blue pills.

Also, I don't think that it's anybody's business, what he chooses to do on his own time, who he chooses to have sex with. As long as it was consensual sex between two adults, I don't see why anyone else should have any say in it. If we really wanted to persecute every adulterer, our whole society would be crippled.

Moreover, I do think that it'll be better to have a minister that is still virile and strong at such an age, than to have one that spends most of his time sleeping and too exhausted to think, even without a young lady to drain him. As long as he practised safe sex, that's setting a good enough example. Any parent who thinks that this is setting a negative example for the children needs to be shot in the head for being dumb enough to ask the kids to emulate a politician!

The deeper question that needs answering is who manufactured this scandal. According to reports, this sex DVD was allegedly distributed by the pirates. To me, this suggests that someone within his own party was involved. So, I believe that this is an internal MCA power struggle, being dragged into the open. That's why the dalang has yet to be unmasked. As for his parliamentary seat, he'll still win it as long as he runs. It's only if he's barred from running, does one need to ask who benefits.

As I understand the Law, adultery isn't illegal in Malaysia. It merely provides the spouse a clear legal justification to seek divorce. What is illegal in Malaysia, is the possession of porn. So, it's fairly obvious that the mass media (i.e. TV channels) broke the law by, not only possessing but also broadcasting, the said material. Also, the people who manufactured, distributed and sold the DVD, have broken the law. Also, I don't think that we have privacy laws in Malaysia, but it's still going to be bad for business when people realise which hotel it is that secretly records it's clients antics.

The lesson to take away from this issue is that there are no such things as secrets in today's world. If you're afraid of being caught doing anything, just don't do it.

PS: Might I suggest that he become a spokesperson for Pfizer and endorse the little blue pill.

UPDATE@1645: I love the BBC take on him: "Mr Chua said he had taken no part in the making of the DVD recordings, one of them said to be almost an hour long." and "As health minister, Mr Chua has advocated giving out free condoms to reduce the spread of HIV, in the face of religious opposition."

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Sad to see Dr Chua had to go...