Friday, June 22, 2007

Darwin Event Performance

Today, we had a performance at Darwin College, for their June Event. We hadn't had much practice for this performance. But we did quite okay anyway, as we have become quite good at improvising.

We had 3 performances for this event. We started off by entertaining the guests in the queue. The queue for people getting in, was on Silver Street. We walked down the queue and back again. We had to perform on the road and some cars had drive around to avoid us. At one point, a police car actually slowed down and looked at us. I thought that they would shoo us off. But, they were just curious and continued on their way. I doubt that they'd want to spoil the evening for the crowd by locking us up.

Then, we had a second act, which we screwed up a lot. However, I doubt that many people noticed. It was difficult to get the signals right as the drum was located on the first floor while the two lions performed on the ground. So, most of the time, both sides were waiting for each other. The male lion was unable to do stunts either as the grass was too slippery and wet. They managed to do some rolls to make up for it. I was involved in this act as we didn't have enough cymbalists. So, I didn't take any photos.

Finally, we had the third act, which turned out fine (most of it did anyway). The only problem was at the end, when the lion had problems while unfurling the scroll. So, the ending was lamer than it should have been. I managed to get a few good photos though! We had moved the drum down onto the ground for this act.

This is the only MayBall/Event performance that we have this year. We have another performance on Sunday, for a charity event. I will be doing the drumming for that performance. So, there will be no photos. We've not had much practice for that performance either. Hopefully, there won't be any major screw ups. Unlike this Darwin Event, we will not be paid for the charity event. So, I guess it's okay to screw up a bit.

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