Saturday, June 23, 2007

Compal Notebook

I've found another source for pre-assembled whitebook notebooks in the UK. They carry both ASUS and Compal lines. For some reason, the Compal lines are cheaper than the ASUS lines.

I managed to configure two Compal models with the following specs:

  • T7300 CPU
  • 2Gb RAM
  • 80Gb HDD
  • 4965 A/G/N WiFi
The Compal IFT00 with NV8400MGS graphics came to GBP 665 while the Compal IFL90 with NV8600MGT graphics came to GBP 688. In other words, it would end up costing about GBP 50 more than it would if I were to assemble it myself. The configured Compal will also be a better machine than the one I configured earlier. This could be a useful alternative for me as I'll only pay them a little extra for the pre-assembly service and 1 year collect+return warranty.

Also, the Compal notebooks seem to have a nicer design than the ASUS lines. However, I cannot say how it is built from just the pictures. The main reason that the Compal lines are cheaper than the ASUS lines is because the Compal lines come with Windows, which can be removed and the savings used to upgrade the CPU and RAM.

The coolest thing with the Compal notebooks is that the covers are fully customisable. For an extra GBP 15, they will work with the customer to create a custom graphic design for the cover on high quality vinyl. This allows the notebook to carry it's own design, which would be useful for more artistic people than me. It would also be useful for companies who would like to stick their own brands on the cover.

UPDATE@2115+3: I've read some reviews that they're almost as well built as IBM and certainly much better built than Dell. Also, I've read that they're now cheap because Compal is trying to penetrate the notebook market by undercutting everyone else.

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