Friday, June 22, 2007

Apple Store Sucks!

The Apple Store sucks! I'm trying to buy an iPod for my friend in New Zealand. Since there's an Apple Store in New Zealand, you would think that it would be possible to buy it there and have it delivered there. However, it is quite impossible.

Apple assumes that the people buying from their online stores live in the same country as the store. It is impossible for me to pay for the purchase in the NZ Apple Store with a UK credit card as I cannot enter a correct billing address. And it's impossible to ship to NZ anything purchased through the UK Apple Store.

So, the only way to work this out is to buy an iPod from the UK store and have it delivered to me. Then, I would have to ship it to my friend in NZ via RoyalMail. This will end up costing almost 20 quid extra. This is just plain silly.

If this is the case, there really isn't any reason to buy it from the Apple Store. I could get the iPod from a 3rd party reseller like Amazon, and have them ship it to NZ. However, this would preclude getting the special edition Red iPod and laser engraving. This just sucks.

Apple Store sucks!

PS: This is BS. Amazon UK cannot deliver the iPod to NZ either! Apple Sucks!

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