Friday, February 09, 2007

Why do I find these two chairs philosophical?

Two different chairs, standing side by side, in the snow. This can be the analogy for a whole number of different philosophical things.

It could be representative of two young people, who're longing for each other's warm embrace but are unable to touch, as they have class separating them. And so, they are suffering in the storm, and waiting for the coldness to numb them, or smother them. Okay, that's sad.

It could be representative of a parent and a child, with the parent, showing the child how to brace the difficulties of the world. The child is awed by the fearsome blizzard that threatens, while the parent is trying it's best to shield the child from it. Okay, that's still sad.

It could represent a husband and wife, both having to share the burden of life. They try their best to cope, while the world around them continues to roil and inundate them with ever more problems. However, they know that they're never alone, and their partner is standing just beside them. Okay, still sad.

Eh, why are philosophical things so sad leh. Maybe it's just because, the picture is a sad one and can only be interpreted that way. Or maybe it's because the photographer saw the sadness, empathised with it, and decided to immortalise it in a picture.

Either way, if you can come up with any happy interpretations, please comment!

UPDATE: In case it wasn't clear. I'm the photographer. And it's not black+white!


Dan said...

happy intepretation:

yay!! i found chairs to sit on!! can rest my weary feet :P

the third one isn't sad at all! if i had a partner who'd stick by me through everything, i'd be the happiest guy in the world, regardless of what happens.

Zen said...

Happy interpretation: the chairs are a pair of friends, just chillaxin' in the grass. The reason why the picture is black and white is because they are pretentious chairs who have just started in university -- the guy behind the camera is a sofa who goes to art school. :D

Dan said...

i agree. shawn has the young's modulus of a sofa.

Shawn Tan said...

aiya... what are you two trying to say!! dun need to be so cryptic!! just say it!!

ash said...

i think the two chairs are two old friends, like in their 70's (hence why they are old iron chairs, and not newfangled plastic/wood ones), sitting out together watching the world go by them, and reminisicing about the things they've seen and done (hence the nosltagia with the B+W) an how nothing can phase them any more, because they've seen everything (hence why there's snow on them - doesnt bother them), plus, snows merely a temporary setback - it'll melt when the sun comes out (unlike a permanet setback-rust) and even though its blistering cold it still manages to make things look all pretty and delicate.

Shawn Tan said...

in case no one noticed.. the pictures is not black-n-white... the chairs are actually ever so slightly green.. hehe..

ash said...

even better! it then creates a tinge of envy in the two old fogeys who tend to see things in black and white!