Friday, February 09, 2007

Is this our Magdalene?

Hmm. I've recently noticed that there's this 4-foot high statue behind my house, hidden along the monk's walk. I've never known of it's existence before this. It's rather well hidden from the main path.

It was a statue of a lady, looking serene and grand. Seeing that there weren't *any* ladies at all at our college until the late 1980s, I've come to only one conclusion. Someone decided to construct a statue of Saint Mary Magdalene, which is the namesake of our college. However, this is a hypothesis that is not rooted in any facts (in other words, a wild guess).

But it does make some sense. I'm also going to guess on the age (without any scientific basis at all). I believe that it's probably somewhat younger than the monk's walk, which is 500 years old. Some of the features are already quite worn. So, from my limited (which is to say none) experience with historical artifacts, I would have to guess that it's between 200-300 years old!

I think that this was one of my nicer pictures today. So, i thought that I'd post it up. I'll be posting another nice pic in a few minutes. Enjoy. The next one is actually better from a philosophical point of view.

UPDATE: I'm revising my age estimate to 150-200 years on a whim.

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