Friday, February 09, 2007

Am I a hit with the ladies?

Hehe. Funny question to ask. But ask it I will. I had many friendly comments today. It all started with the formal at Hughes Hall. The picture was taken during the post-dinner drinks at HH. HH fellows are cool. We had 3 fellows (including the president) come chat with us. The only time any Magdalene fellow talked to me was (1) when I first arrived (2) during my Bye-Fellowship interview.

Anyway, they had these bunch of Albanian students (mostly young ladies) who were visiting. We were seated among them. So, I thought that as a host, I should make them feel welcome. So, I chatted with them like I would, any other random person. The young lady that I was chatting with, mentioned several times that I'm a funny guy. I believe that her exact words were something like: "You are funny guy!". I thanked her for the compliment. [Note to self: Next time a random strange young lady compliements me, get a picture and contact details!]

Then, when I got home, there was a whole bunch of MSN messages waiting for me. When I told one of my friends that I had just gotten back from a formal at HH, she said that I was very popular. I had *never* ever been called popular in my life. So, I thanked her as well. Two compliments in a day. I must've been on a roll. [Note: I rarely ever get MSN messages waiting for me. Usually, I get home to an empty room, with no messages waiting for me. My stars must've been aligned tonite.]

Then, as I was chatting with another friend about photography, he said that I was a very cheerful and funny guy [Compliment #3! I'm really on a roll!], which is useful for a photographer. [No, my friend is *not* gay, at least I don't think that he is!] Suddenly, the conversation led to the question above. Shouldn't I be a hit with the ladies then. Personally, I don't think that I am. If I was a hit with the ladies, I should know. Generally, the ladies don't even know that I'm alive [being the great geek that I am!].

However, the next question that begs to be asked is why. Then, another friend mentioned something less complimentary [Okay, I suppose that 3 was the limit]. She said that my benchmark was too high, which scares girls away. Oooooh. Food for thought. It's too late for that now, I'll just have to think about it tomorrow. I had a wonderful evening tonite! Maybe the moon was in the right phase too.

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Dan said...

your benchmark isn't too high. you need strict quality control, especially in picking the one you're gonna spend your life with.