Friday, February 09, 2007

If this rumour is *real*, I'm in deep shit!

There's a rumour going around that D-Wave, of BC, is going to unveil a 16-qubit quantum computer next week. They are the world's best funded quantum computing company. Most other monies going into quantum research are for quantum cryptography.

First of all, I will assume that they have a working prototype of the system that they can demonstrate and that it will actually perform some form of useful computation. I have always been telling anyone who's willing to listen, that the whole idea of quantum computing is fiction. I will only believe that it will work when someone actually shows me one.

If the unveiling next week is real, I'm going to be forced to eat my own words! Haha! Not only that, it would also rapidly change the whole spectrum of my research area (i.e. microprocessor architecture). So, it would seriously screw up a lot of other people's careers. It should also render my current research project obsolete! That's a great prospect to be waking up to next week.

As much as I am loath for such a thing happening, I am also interested in what it can do. As a scientist, I'm naturally curious and open enough to accept that my previous perceptions were wrong. As an engineer, I'm interested to find out how it works and what it can do. As a businessman, I'm keen to see what appliations it can have and how it can best be commercialised.

So, even though I've had a bunch of blogs already today, I felt that this development had sufficient life changing properties to warrant another one. It may just change my entire career. Incidentally, all the articles that I'd found about this news had been plastered with the same Xeon ad for some reason. Maybe there's some form of entanglement involved [ok, that was lame!].


Dan said...

whoa. quantum computing. i've read about it somewhere.. if it is really true that they've made the breakthrough, it is seriously seriously impressive.

and yeah, i wanna get my hands on one of those too. hahaha :P

Gabriel Wu said...

whoa, awesome!

What A Lulu said...

dunno if this is of any comfort. not that lulu really understands, but even newton was wrong on the law of gravity. so, if you're proven wrong, at least you have company in newton :P

Shawn Tan said...

woo hoo... no fear!!! even if i'm obsoleted by this new development, i'll just change to a new field!!! i may need to get my quantum electronics book back from you gab!! hahaha!!

Gabriel Wu said...

Heh, sure thing, just accept me as your apprentice if you make it BIG in that field!