Monday, February 12, 2007

What's so interesting about my Malaysian Food Feast blog?

It's wonderful. My blog about the MFF has broken all records for my blog. I got the highest number of visitors, and highest number of comments *ever*! The number of unique visits was about 100 and the number of comments were more than a dozen. Wow, that's an all time record! None of my other blogs had generated as much traffic before, not even my controversial ones.

Okay, I guess that many people were probably interested in what I had to say about the MFF. Some people were probably interested in the comments section, especially Dan and David's comments. To summarise my opinions again: some of the food was good, some of it sucked, some of it was not cooked, the service was good, the atmosphere was fun.

As for me, I'm down with a fever. I was shivering in bed, under my duvet, last night. I came down with this the very same day that I had a minor bout of food poisoning, which is the day after the MFF. I'm blaming it on the uncooked food. This is not a scientific conclusion, but is only a circumstantial one.

But then, I've not fallen ill since 2004. So, maybe my number just came up. I'm currently taking lots of PCM every 6 hours to try to stave off the worst of it. Also, I'm taking lots of fluids and resting. I certainly hope that I'll get well soon. Otherwise, the Lion Dance people would have to do without my drumming for the rest of the week, and I might have to miss all the good food! Gorrammit!

Anyway, let's all be friends. It wasn't my intention to start a flame war with that blog. There were both positive and negative things about the latest MFF. Take both the good and the bad and move on. Work on improving the bad bits and hope that the future events will be better.

*** image is 'the dome' of newhall ***

UPDATE: Since a medic asked me what PCM was, I figured that no one else knows what it was. PCM = Paracetamol.

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Dan said...

get well soon, dude! we need a drummer!!