Monday, February 12, 2007

The most evil thing that I'd done today.

I finally did it. I failed a group. I just couldn't bring myself to pass them. I cracked my head a few times to figure out how to pass them. But I just couldn't. So, I did the evil thing today and failed them. I know that they were surprised. They shouldn't have been.

The reason that I failed them was simple. It was plainly clear that they didn't really cared about the experiment. They were the only group that gave me a whole bunch of 'out-of-this-world' results. It just showed that they didn't really care what they did for the experiment. Granted, nobody will get perfect results, but when your results are as outrageous as that, it's as good as not doing the experiment.

On top of not caring about the experiment, they didn't learn anything either. When I asked them the normal questions that I ask all the groups, they couldn't quite answer them either. Well, how could they have learnt anything when they didn't even care about the experiment. So, they didn't care and didn't learn anything.

As for myself, I'm down with a fever. Hence, I'm a little less patient with stupidity than usual. So, it was quite unfortunate that I had to fail them today. However, all is not lost. They would merely need to do extra work to gain back the lost points. So, they still have a chance to fix this mistake.

*** image: dark, evil self portrait ***

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