Monday, February 12, 2007

Has the MPAA lost the battle with Digital Rights Management?

I just stumbled across this interesting piece of news. I just couldn't contain myself. Tak boleh tahan! Hahahahaha! I'd always found DRM a silly way of going around the problem. They clearly have not identified the root cause of the problem.

From the article: "Our favorite swashbuckling buccaneers over at the Pirate Bay have done it again. These guys have all the swagger, ambition and balls that their name implies. Its not enough that they want to buy an island to freely distribute the digital goodness we all crave, or that they continually embarrass and poke fun at the luddite content industries, now the merry bandits have started a new site dedicated to the Oscars. Aptly named the OscarTorrents the site has helpfully organized torrents of movies that have been nominated for Oscars in all 24 Oscars categories."

And from the OscarTorrents website: "Welcome to OscarTorrents. The Future of the Oscars, Today. OscarTorrents is the Oscars as it should be -- everyone can download the year's nominations using the popular BitTorrent service, watch the movies, then use our rating system to choose their favourites. Why restrict the voting to a few bought-off jurors when the whole world can have their say?"

As for their voting system: "Once you've watched a film, you can vote on it -- but please, do watch before you vote! On Oscars night, we'll post your results right along with the 'official' ones. Of course this is the way it should be done now that movie distribution is almost free. Hollywoodland might not like it, but some people always have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future."

As for their legal notice: "To those worried about downloading in case they get sued: by our calculations, your chances of getting nailed are way less than your chances of winning the lottery. Don't think twice about it. To all intellectual property landlords: we are aware that OscarTorrents might annoy you -- but contain your righteous indignation for a while, and think: we're only linking to torrents that already exist. Face it: your membrane has burst, and it wasn't us who burst it. Your precious bodily fluids are escaping."

Bloody hilarious if you ask me! I have to seriously 'tabik' these Swedes. Now that they've survived their ritual by fire, they can go around kicking ass. The MPAA should've learnt their lesson in using brute force. It can backfire horribly.

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